Single Panel Comics

A customer holding a cell phone is speaking to a technology salesperson.
“So, the default setting is Disturb?”
Drawing of two people with a painting.
“I call it How Embarrassing: Nude Running Back Up the Staircase.”
Snow White and a man holding hands across a table.
“Before we move in together, there's something you should know about me. A couple things. Okay, seven things.”
A kid holds a cell phone up to an adult.
“I don't know who this is, where it comes from, what it means or how I found it, but this meme is pretty funny.”
A professor describes the research life to a student.
“Anyone can read her entire oeuvre, my dear. It’s when you read each novel backwards that you separate yourself from the reabble.”
Two women watch a man play with yarn.
“Thank god he found something to do with his hands or else he never could have quit smoking.”
A girl holding a lunch bag in front of the classroom for show-and-tell.
“Last night I spent five grand on Apple shares with my crypto profits, which I can't exactly show you. So, here's a bologna sandwich.”
Man dressed up and clinking glasses with his reflection in his bathroom mirror.
“After months of quarantine it’s just nice to talk to someone fact-to-face, you know?”
A half-dressed man working from home passes his wife.
“THAT tie?”
Two coworkers in costume comment on their other coworker's costume skills.
“Now, Aaron OWNS Throwback Thursday.”
One goose is flying far from a group of geese and talking to the closest goose.
“Listen, I prefer to fly alone. I'm not really a geese goose.”
Two neighbors talking in front of a house with no walls.
“We started with an open-kitchen concept and ran with it.”
A bat runs into the tail end of a second bat.
“Ouch! What are you, sighted??”
Woman in labor, pointing and speaking firmly to Sherlock Holmes at the foot of her bed.
“My baby will come when he’s good and ready, Holmes. You can take your powers of induction elsewhere.”
A father and his child look at the mom, a cartoonist.
“Quiet, son. You’re witnessing the miracle of creation.”
A man pleads with a man holding an apocalyptic sign.
“How did it happen??”
An audience member yells at a ventriloquist.
“It can talk!!”
A teenager reads anime to a group of elderly people.
“Then in the next panel Yukio screams, TASTE MY INFINITY PUNCH!”
A teenage band in costumes discussed their music.
“Murder Orc and I love your screaming on the new track, but we’re not connecting with the lyrics.”
A frazzled mom bottle feeds her child.
“Again?! The baby gets decaf!
Three kids are in one trench coat at fast-food intercom.
“We’d, I mean, I’d like one Rated R movie ticket, please.”
A content mouse eating cheese explains things to the other lab mice.
“I’ve been doing this a long time, folks. We keep this good thing going by not finding the cheese every time.”
A frazzled caretaker pleads with the children in a daycare.
“It’s nap time, so let’s all set our phones to silent.”
Two spaceships confront each other.
“Captain, according to my calculations, it might be us who’s upside down.”
Two cows discuss money.
“T-bonds?! 401(k)s?! Bitcoins?! Grass! Grass is real!”
A father is disappointed in his son's homework.
“I see where you went wrong. You can’t solve Emily Dickinson with algebra.”
Two adults in costumes make a proposal to a neighbor.
“Our kids are all grown up. Could we borrow yours?”
Two monks play "Go."
God speaks to the host of a fancy restaurant.
“I’m sure that’s true where you’re from, but here at Buster’s it’s forty minutes for a table.”
A child speaks to a piano teacher.
“I’ve almost finished the ‘Develop a Champion Pianist Mindset’ video series. Then I’ll start practicing.”
A girl spells at a spelling bee.
“Xylomannan. Spelled ‘I-a-m-w-a-s-t-i-n-g-m-y-l-i-f-e-I-q-u-i-t.’ Xylomannan.”
A car salesman makes his pitch.
“Right, you saw the base price. Now we can talk upgrades.”
Two police officers inspect a clown car wreck.
“We have six fatalities. No, seven, No, eight. No…”
A man on a game-show chooses his prize.
“We’re already a two-car family, so I’ll take the dummy.”
An owl reads a How to Speak Spanish book.
A bear tests a cub with the famous "Marshmallow Test."
“You can eat a camper while I’m gone, but if you wait till I return, you can have both campers.”
A woman talks to her cat, both of them sitting up in a tree.
“I finally get why you come up here. And I also get why you never want to come down.”
A man on a date is not impressed with the circus's Fun House.
“After all the hype, I thought there’d be more to it.”
A mother and daughter witness a McDonald's sign in a post-apocalypse.
“Past humans formed a beautiful matriarchal society, full of fertility godesses, unlike today.”
Spiders are impatient to get to where they're going.
“Hey, this year, buddy! We got a line out here.”
A person returns a broken mug to his coworker.
“Here’s your mug back. Turns out a hammer would be better.”
Two people observe an influencer posing in front of a car.
“My secret? I just buy everything on credit and rent it to influencers.”
A cat backs a mouse into a corner.
“Is this really how you want to live your life? As a cliché?!”
A man makes an unromantic proposal to his partner.
“It’s getting embarrassing always listing my mom as my primary beneficiary. Want to get married?”
A woman signs her coworker's leg cast.
“It’s fine, I didn’t break it. I have health anxiety.”
A woman and her friend look at her husband under his vintage muscle car.
“Oh, he can’t fix a thing. Since his mid-life crisis started, this is where he naps.”
A child contemplate which ventriloquist puppet to buy.
“Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!”
Two women discuss writing.
“I’ve been much happier since redefining myself from ‘writer’ to ‘too avant garde.’”
A cat shows his new cat the ropes of the litter box.
“This is where we pee when she’s on our good side.”
A commencement speaker interrupts his speech to take a call.
“I’m in the middle of something, but you tel them I didn’t get where I am today by taking plea deals.”
“Look at that! My husband is a bank robber. Let’s see how much he can get with a chicken Caesar spinach wrap.”
A sanitation worker eats a banana from the garbage.
“You said it. This job does have its perks!”
A wife watches her husband dressed in hobo clothes is leaving the home.
“Your threat to ‘just go ride the rails’ every time we disagree is not healthy for this marriage.”
A couple spends their 50th anniversary with their family.
“Since everyone’s here we should tell them about the divorce.”
Aliens do not want to visit Earth.
“No, no, no. I’ll hold it! I am not using their bathrooms.”
Two people getting cozy on a rug in front of a fireplace.
“It’s refreshing that you’re not all ‘sex, sex, sex’ like Elaine was when we’d come up here.”
A man sells batons while people run from him.
“Batons here! Get your name-brand batons!”
A mom hangs a towel embroidered "Monster's."
“You have nothing to worry about because you’re a good child, right? Right?”
Two chimps laugh at another chimp wearing a diaper.
“Oh, god. Jim is going Hollywood on us.”
Two cows wonder about the word "cow."
“Do you think it’d be a different world if instead of ‘cows’ we were called ‘clops’?”
A door-to-door salesman is selling bootstraps.
“This here is your entry-level bootstrap, for pulling yourself up, see. $24.95 each. Set of two? $44.95. Four? Get this… $84.95! That’s a savings of 15%! Price doesn’t include installation.”
Ahab and his dinner companion, a lamb, glare at Moby Dick enjoying a leg of lamb.
A mom scolding three children dressed as witches.
“It’s always ‘toil and trouble’ with you three. Just clean your room, please.”
A cowboy carves another notch into his pistol.
“Nothin’ against him. I hate killing, but I hate odd numbers more.”
A science bro talks to a scientist in an observatory.
“Okay, Dr. Downer. Or you could say there’s a 2% chance it misses the Earth.”
An exuberant man is boring his date.
“Enough about me. You really like dessert, don’t ya!”
A zookeeper criticizes the writings of a gorilla.
“‘I miss my mother, my partner, my child. All I have is a banana.’ Not exactly Shakespeare, is it, Bobo.”
Two cats watch a woman doing yoga.
“What’s she mad at?”